On your first visit to see Michelle, you will be greeted by a receptionist, who will collect any referral letters, x-rays, test results or other information you have brought with you. It is helpful if you can arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time so that she has time to review the information prior to your consultation and any outstanding personal information can be obtained.

You will then take a seat in the waiting room. Our Breast Care Nurse will call for you to come in to see Michelle. A spouse, partner, relative or friend can accompany you. The Breast Care Nurse will also act as a chaperone and be present throughout the consultation and examination.


Whether you have referred yourself, or been referred because of concern about a breast lump, pain, discharge, or your genetic background, Michelle will discuss the nature of your problem and any other relevant information, such as your general medical history and family history. A thorough breast examination will follow. The breast care nurse can be present during this examination.

Michelle will then discuss what the next steps will be, and may request further diagnostic investigations such as mammography and/or a breast ultrasound. Michelle’s Spire breast clinic is a “One Stop Clinic” so all imaging is done at the initial visit. If an abnormality is found, either during the physical examination, mammography or ultrasound, a core biopsy is performed to take a sample of breast tissue to send to the lab to be analysed.

If a follow-up consultation is required to discuss the results of your investigations, this appointment will be booked before you leave, and can either be face-to-face or by telephone.

Michelle will then send you a letter detailing your consultation and send a copy to your GP and any other referring doctor.


Michelle will discuss with you the results of the investigations carried out. She will recommend appropriate treatment and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the benefits and any contra-indications of the treatment proposed.

If surgery is indicated, the proposed operation will be explained. All our patient care is based on informed consent, you will not be asked to agree to further or alternative procedures. You will always know exactly what operation you will be undergoing before admission to hospital.


You will always know what operation you will be having before being admitted to hospital. All our patient care is based on informed consent and you will not be asked to consent to further or alternative measures. Please see our conditions and treatments page for more information on specific treatments and procedures.


To ensure continuity of care specialist highly trained breast care nurses are available to support you. They can give advice on:

• Health and screening
• Breast self-examination
• Pre-operative advice and information both as an out-patient and in-patient
• Post-operative advice and care, before and after discharge from hospital
• Breast reconstruction
• Breast prosthesis information and fitting
• Hormone replacement therapy advice with reference to your breast health


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